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Go Compostable Green Event Tableware Kit

Eco-friendly products for your next meeting, school function or holiday event.


Organize your next green eco-friendly event with our Go Compostable Tableware Kit.

This 978 piece kit includes dinner plates, appetizer and dessert plates, hot and cold beverage cups, cutlery, napkins and we even supply the compostable garbage bags. Each kit can be used for up to 100 people.

All our products are made from environmentally friendly materials such as bagasse and corn starch (PLA).

Compostable products are a better choice for single-use disposable tableware instead of plastic or foam ones. They are not manufactured from oil derivatives, do not take hundred's of years to decompose in our landfills and will not leach harmful chemicals.


  • A simple and convenient way to green your next event.
  • Environmentally friendly alternative to plastic and foam disposable products.
  • Save time with this one-stop shopping solution.
  • Made from sustainable and compostable materials.
  • An economical solution.

Information Sheet:

You can also download a pdf information sheet on the Go Compostable Green Event Tableware Kit

Each kit includes:

  • 100 9" Dinner Plates (bagasse)
  • 125 7" Appetizer or Dessert Plates (bagasse)
  • 100 12 oz. Ecotainer Hot Beverage Cups
  • 100 10 oz. Cold Drink Cups (PLA)
  • 100 7" Forks (PLA)
  • 100 7" Knives (PLA)
  • 100 7" Spoons (PLA)
  • 250 Mocha Dinner Napkins - Bleach Free (16"x15")
  • 3 Compostable Garbage Bags (24"x30")

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