Built NY Gourmet Totes, Market Bags and Duffels

 Image of Built NY Product Line

The Built NY collection of reusable totes, market bags and shoulder duffel bags provide a stylish eco-friendly choice for people interested in moving away from single use plastic bags.

All Built NY products are made from neoprene, the material used to make wet suits for scuba divers. This makes their products light, incredibly durable and washable.

These products are lead-free and contain no vinyl or PVC (poly-vinyl chlorate).

There are two product lines available:

  • Large market Totes
  • Gourmet Getaway Totes

Whether you are looking for an overnight or weekend getaway bag, a durable bag to bring to the market or a reusable lunch carrier, Built NY has a selection of products to choose from.

With Built NY you don't have to give up style to go green.